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 field marschall Kesselring Interim stab baton.
Product ID: KM-MB01
field marschall Kesselring Interim stab baton.

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Luftwaffe General field marschall Kesselring Interim stab baton.

The heavy conical knob top has two eagles with swastikas.  Both are gold coloured and soldered on.  They are a Balkan cross and opposite is a Luftwaffe eagle. The name inscription which is in gothic letters is affixed to the ring. A wooden shaft makes up the balance of the baton and the tassel is tied to the eyelet.

Complete with a leatherette box and red felt lined inside.

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Kirls Militaria is a company, specialised in WW2 German, British and American Militaria, providing WWII Re-enactors and Enthusiasts with quality kit at great prices. We have an extensive range of Uniforms, caps and Insignia etc.We also stock an expanding range of Military/Outdoor clothing & kit.

The company was founded in 2013 and has been run by the current owners since now. Our aim to provide the best quality WW2 reproductions for the most competitive prices possible and we always strive to couple this with our fast and friendly service.

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